Sterilization Trays and Instrument Boxes

M A D E   O F   P U N C H E D   S T A I N L E S S   S T E E L 

Our containers are conceived for the daily use and oriented at the market and your need:
Ideally suitably for fast, daily and economic cleaning and sterilizing of your instruments.
Electrical polished surfaces of the containers guarantee highest degree of purity.
When desired also available with matte surface.
Alternatively available with or without handle at the lid.
Durable and solid execution results in a long-lasting use of these boxes and containers.
All edges without holes, thus no danger of injury.
Interior fitting-out is particularly adapted to your requirements.
Special sizes and special punchings are available on request.

D O W N L O A D S 

Brochure Intrument Boxes [1.720 KB]

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